Different: It’s in Our DNA

Being Different: It's in Our DNA

What’s wrong with being a little bit different? At Tea Phactory the answer is nothing. In fact, being different is actually encouraged. Our mission is to offer a wide selection of teas that are unique in either flavor profiles or specialty ingredients.

With our Small Batch Blends we strive to offer brews that are fun, flavorful, fresh, and festive. We use only high-quality, natural ingredients to create a cup that’s unlike any other. We draw upon a wide range of premium teas, dried fruits, herbs, and flowers to bring you a completely singular tea tasting experience.

We work hard (just kidding we’re having a ton of fun) when crafting our tea blends to present flavor profiles that make drinking tea exhilarating. New offerings are always appearing in our Small Batch Blends selections. Be on the lookout for seasonal or limited-edition offerings.

If we don’t blend it ourselves, we search far and wide to find only the most delicious or intriguing creations. If you’re new to loose leaf tea we want to make you eager to try it. If you’re a seasoned tea drinker we want to give you a reason to be excited by tea again.

Tea Phactory Small Batch Blends