Fresh Tea Counts

Tea Phactory Tins: Fresh Tea Counts

At Tea Phactory we care about keeping your hand-selected, premium, loose leaf teas absolutely fresh. That’s why we pack every tea order in a food grade tin made of high-quality tinplated steel. This packaging keeps air and light away from your teas, ensuring the flavors are as bright and delicious the day you drink them as they were the day we packed them. Sure, we could use something less expensive like lined paper or plastic, but we care too much about our tea and your tea-drinking experience.

There’s something else we care about, the environment. We understand that any type of packaging has some environmental impact. However, there’s one thing you can do with our tins that you can’t do with a paper or plastic bag – reuse them.

Since our tins are food grade they are great for use in the kitchen. Refill them with herbs, spices, or baking mixes. Additionally, they are simply perfect for general kitchen organization.

Get creative and use them to store craft supplies like buttons, safety pins, and beads. Or make a travel sewing kit with small scissors, thread, sewing needles, and a thimble.

Have a green thumb? These tins are perfect for growing succulents, fresh herbs, or catnip. Place them on a windowsill for a mini container garden.

Whatever you use your empty Tea Phactory tin for it’s a perfect way to get imaginative and reduce waste. It’s our little added value to you and the environment.

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