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How to Make Iced Tea

Summer time is tea time and what better way to kick off the season than by brewing up your favorite iced tea? It’s easy, here’s how.

Start by choosing the perfect tea. While black teas are most commonly used for iced tea, almost any type of loose leaf tea or herbal blend can be chilled and made into a refreshing iced tea.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your favorite loose leaf tea
  • Fresh water
  • A way to heat the water: electric tea kettle, stove with a tea kettle, a campfire
  • A vessel to put the water and tea in for steeping: a large pitcher
  • A method of straining the tea: coffee filter, tea strainer
  • Cups, glasses
  • Ice

How to Make Homemade Iced Tea:

  1. Heat the water to just a boil and pour the hot water into your steeping vessel.
  2. Measure out the tea and add it to the pitcher of hot water. You want to double the amount of tea you would use for hot tea when making iced tea. Allow the tea to steep for 2-3 minutes and strain.
  3. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Once you’ve got that delicious beverage in hand find a cool, shady spot and enjoy the summer months.

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