African Red


The crimson cup of African Red is accompanied by bright blue malva flowers and purple cornflowers for a stunning presentation. With just an aromatic hint of vanilla and orange, this delicious infusion can soothe sore throats, reduce swelling, and increase overall wellness. Health benefits are plentiful in this delicious infusion providing a delightful way to take care of yourself.

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How to Steep

1 Teaspoon
Scoop herbal blend into infuser.
Heat fresh water.
Pour water over the leaf.
5 Min
Steep within this time for optimal flavor.
3 steepings
Steep up to 3 times and enjoy different flavor notes.

Steeping Tips

  • Rooibos will not become bitter if leaves remain infused.
  • Use fresh, cold water. The quality of water will affect the taste of your brew.
  • Use a strainer or infuser basket to steep your herbal blend rather than a tea ball or clamping spoon. This gives room for all the herbs and spices to expand and fully infuse.
  • For a stronger tasting brew, simply add more herbal blend to your strainer or infuser basket before steeping.

Product Data

Weight 6.6 oz

Rooibus, malva flowers, cornflowers


South Africa


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