Green Rooibos


Green Rooibos has a milder flavor than traditional Red Rooibos, due to a shorter period of oxidation. Green Rooibos brews a bright, saffron-colored liquor with a sweet fruity aroma. Enjoy this naturally caffeine-free beverage any time of day. Green Rooibos also makes an excellent iced tea.

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How to Steep

1 Teaspoon
Scoop herbal blend into infuser.
Heat fresh water.
Pour water over the leaf.
5 Min
Steep within this time for optimal flavor.
3 steepings
Steep up to 3 times and enjoy different flavor notes.

Steeping Tips

  • Rooibos will not become bitter if leaves remain infused.
  • Use fresh, cold water. The quality of water will affect the taste of your brew.
  • Use a strainer or infuser basket to steep your herbal blend rather than a tea ball or clamping spoon. This gives room for all the herbs and spices to expand and fully infuse.
  • For a stronger tasting brew, simply add more herbal blend to your strainer or infuser basket before steeping.

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organic green rooibos


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