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Six Popular Flavored Teas

Flavored tea can be either a blend of several teas in order to achieve a consistent flavor, or tea that is enhanced with natural flavorings, dried fruits, herbs, spices, or scented with various flowers like jasmine, rose or lotus. There is no limit to the different combinations of tea and flavorings that can be used.

English Breakfast is a blend of teas from Assam, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. English Breakfast is a full-bodied robust tea usually served with cream and sugar.

Irish Breakfast is a very strong dark blend similar to English Breakfast, but usually with a greater amount of Kenya tea. Irish Breakfast is usually served with cream and sugar or a slice of lemon.

Earl Grey is the most well-known flavored tea in the world. It is usually a blend of China black tea and essential oil of the bergamot orange, which gives the tea a sweet citrus aroma and a light note of honey.

Moroccan Mint is a green tea combined with peppermint leaves that is served throughout the day by the people of Morocco. It has a cool mint flavor and can be enjoyed hot or iced any time of day.

Ginger Peach is a hearty black tea flavored with ginger and dried peaches. Ginger Peach has a sweet peach flavor with a light kick of ginger that is delicious hot or cold.

Jasmine Pearls tea is one of the best known scented teas, made from slender Chinese green tea leaves that have been infused with the scent of fresh jasmine blossoms. Jasmine Pearls tea has a smooth sweet flavor, and is beautiful to watch as it brews. The rolled tea leaves slowly unfurl releasing the intoxicating aroma of jasmine.

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