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Top 3 Reasons to Drink Tea for Your Health

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The Tea Advisory Panel, a group of scientists, doctors and nutritionists who study the health benefits of tea advise that consuming four cups of tea a day, whether green or black tea, can go a long way toward improving your health.

Tea is Loaded with Healthy Compounds

  1. Polyphenols found in tea are antimicrobial, meaning they reduce the effect of colds, flu and infections. As far back as the 1800’s tea was recommended to treat styes, and tea was prescribed to soldiers during the 1900’s to treat typhoid.
  2. Catechins (a form of antioxidant) found in tea are antibacterial, and have been found to remain in the mouth up to one hour after rinsing, helping to inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth for improved oral health. The catechins in green tea especially, may help to stop the absorption of fats and sugars in the body, and can help boost your metabolism. Drinking tea without milk and sugar provides a delicious zero-calorie beverage when watching your weight.
  3. L-theanine, an amino acid, works in conjunction with the caffeine in tea to calm you, and improve your mood and mental function at the same time. Tea improves your concentration, mental alertness and brain function.

With such an endless choice in the variety and flavor of tea available today, everyone can enjoy the healthy benefits of drinking tea.

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