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Yerba Mate Double Berry Booster

Yerba Mate Double Berry Booster

We understand, it’s early spring and the last of the winter doldrums are still lingering. You’ve lost enthusiasm for your New Year’s resolution to get healthy but you realize swim suit season is still right around the corner. You need something to boost your metabolism and your spirits. We have just the thing.

Enjoy Tea Phactory’s Yerba Maté Double Berry Booster which starts off with yerba maté, well known for providing a smooth increase in energy, and combines it with the metabolism-enhancing punch of goji and maqui berries.

This powerful brew, with delicious berry notes, is made slightly sweet with the addition of stevia. We recommend enjoying at least two cups a day to get the full energy enhancing and metabolism boosting benefits. Replace your morning coffee or tea routine to get your day started right and repeat the ritual in the afternoon for the perfect pick-me-up.

Yerba Maté Double Berry Booster Recipe:

15 mins
Serves 2


  • 2tsp Yerba Maté
  • 1tsp Stevia leaf
  • 1tbsp Dried goji berries
  • 1tsp Maqui berry powder

Heat 16oz fresh, cold water to a boil then cool to 160°F. Place yerba mate, stevia leaf, dried goji berries, and maqui berry powder into infuser basket. Steep 5 minutes, strain.

Tip: Take care not to use boiling water and always remove leaves from water to prevent the brew from becoming bitter.


Tea Phactory’s high quality Yerba Maté is made from the dried leaves of the evergreen holly Ilex paraguariensis. It offers the health benefits of tea while providing the kick of coffee without the irritating jitters. It boasts a clean, calm energy and promotes a state of alertness.


Maqui berries are small, dark purple berries grown on evergreen shrubs in southern Chile’s Patagonia region. This ancient, antioxidant-filled berry was used for centuries by Mapuche Indian warriors to improve strength and stamina. The slightly tart flavor offers hints of blackberry and pomegranate.

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